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General iTrax Questions
What is iTrax?
What can I do with content that I download from iTrax?
What is the difference between iTrax and other digital music sites?
What music is available on iTrax?
Why so many choices for each track?

Q: What is iTrax?

A: iTrax is probably the smallest digital music service on the Internet because we are absolutely committed to HD Audio, HD Video and Surround Music. There are lots of independent music sites with millions of tracks available for download. Unfortunately, the quality of the recordings and the presentation of the mixes are often times lacking. If you or people that you know are interested in the music AND the fidelity of the experience, iTrax is for you. Once you listen to a real HD Audio track in 'stage' perspective surround sound, we believe you will be hooked and demand more HD Surround music.

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Q: What can I do with content that I download from iTrax?

A: iTrax is among the few web sties downloading music and video that is completely free of DRM or digital rights management. You can download our content and use it on your media servers, on your portable players, burn copies for use in your car [format limits may preclude some options] or backup the files on hard drives. We ask that you respect the intellectual property of the artists, publishers and labels and not transfer or offer copies to others.
Q: What is the difference between iTrax and other digital music sites?

A: iTrax is unique in offering music in HD Audio fidelity and allowing you to choice among several difference mixing perspectives. Most other sites let you select a track or album to download in a highly compressed, marginal fidelity audio format. Even sites that have 'CD-Quality' downloads have to accept the limits of the original source recordings. For iTrax customers, there is a world of higher fidelity that cannot be delivered on CDs and is unavailable on other digital music sites.
Q: What music is available on iTrax?

A: It's true that we have a very limited selection of music and artists at this point, but you can be assured that the fidelity is uncompromised. We have Grammy award winning artists and terrific musicians and singers that lack the celebrity of the A-listers. However, virtually all of the recordings put out by the major labels are standard definition, 2-channel recordings intended for radio play. They lack the fidelity of iTrax music.

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Q: Why so many choices for each track?

A: Usually, the producer, artist and engineer determine the final 2-channel [or even the 5.1 surround mix] that is made available to the public. However, different people have different tastes and iTrax makes different mixes available to them. Many listeners prefer to hear music coming from all around them in a 5.1 music mix. Others prefer to have only ambience coming from the surround speakers. And still others are dedicated to a 2-channel stereo mix. The size of the individual files can range from a couple of megabytes to many hundreds of megabytes. The various encoding schemes are provided so that you can decide which level of quality you want and how much time you're willing to take for it to download.

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