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Please remember that there are multiple ways to do things. Please also refer to the Links section, especially the Media Player section of Help for more infromation. For example, note that the VLC Player can play our AC-3 and DTS (DTS-CD .wavs) formats without any configuration.
How to get AC-3 (Dolby Digital) to play in Window Media Player:
1) Download AC3Filter from
2) Close applications and install the .exe by double clicking.
3) Open the configuration application, 'ac3config.exe' for AC3Filter from the install folder. Default install path is 'C:Program FilesAC3Filter'
Some installations will create a Control Panel for this configuration program.
4) Under the 'Main' tab, change the output settings to 3/2+SW 5.1 channels
5) Under the 'Mixer' tab, turn off the Auto-gain and Auto-matrix options
Note: You must leave 'Auto matrix' check to get 5.1 output.
6) Close the configuration application.
7) Test the filter by launching Window Media Player.
8) From WMP, choose the 'File:Open' command from the pull-down menu
9) Choose 'Any File' under the 'Files of type' option.
The file should start playing and be in 5.1 channels.
10) If you experience the audio in only 2 channels, please open the 'Sounds and Audio Devices' Control Panel.
Under the 'Volume' tab, click on the 'Advanced' button near the bottom.
Confirm that the sound card is set to '5.1 surround sound speakers'.
11) If you are still experiencing the audio in only 2 channels. You can check the Configuration settings of AC3Filter from within Windows Media Player under the 'Option' choice from the 'Tools' pull-down menu.
Click on the 'Advanced' button on the bottom to open the Configuration control panel. While audio is playing, you can see the green meters to confirm 5.1 playback at the outputs. The levels should be the same as the inputs meters.
Important note: Some changes to the configuration will not take effect until the player (Windows Media Player or others) is re-launched.
12) Different sound cards may require different settings in both this Control Panel and in 'ac3config.exe'. Certain sound cards can send a Dolby Digital bit-stream out of the card's SP/DIF outputs. This can be fed into an external receiver in a home theater.
13) Please go to if you have future questions.
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